Does Reverse Osmosis Waste Water

Does Reverse Osmosis Waste WaterUndoubtedly one of the most effective and best ways to purify or filter water is RO or reverse osmosis. Many people as whether or not reverse osmosis cause waste water.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of all time by the people when they are choosing a water filtration system for them.

Well, it simply depends on how you want to define water wastage over here. The waster is not actually wasted. Read on to know more about the system of reverse osmosis and why it takes extra water which is termed as “wasted” often.

What Is This Method?

The reverse osmosis or popularly known as RO method is one of the most reliable and trustworthy methods for purifying water. The best thing about this method is that it can eliminate all kinds of particles, ions, microorganisms etc from the water that are harmful.

It contains a membrane which is highly efficient and effective to purify these unwanted things from the water. Thus you get a pure and filtered water while drinking. The water gets purified with the help of this membrane and is stored in a water tank. The process is slow but highly effective.

Does This Method Waste Water?

There is a common belief of the people that by the Reverse Osmosis, a lot of water is wasted. But that is not true. It is not wasted in real sense. But when you buy a RO purifier or filter, the system uses some water to clean itself and to wash away all the impurities and particles from it.

It is quite similar to that of the other appliances which you wash with the help of water. It is same like that. You use water to wash clothes, dishes, cars as well as many other things. Similarly, the filter or purifier uses self-cleaning technology and clean itself.

The water that it uses for this procedure is not significantly high. It actually uses this water while filling the storage tank. Once it is done then and the tank gets full, the whole unit shuts down. So, no water can drain. Thus the amount of water it uses to clean itself will not make any such impact on your water bills.

It is may be equal to a couple of extra toilet flush per day. And that is quite negligible for you to notice. But, nowadays technologies are improving and there are many RO filtration systems available in the market which provides 0 water waste.


Thus, if you want to have a reverse osmosis or RO filtration system for your house, then you have to make sure that you buy the latest one with the water use back process.

By this process, the water which is wasted is again purified and used back. This will also save water for your use and it will not be wasted at all. You can do some researches to find out some of the filtration systems that offer these types of features.

It will be really great too in order to save water that was getting used for the self-cleaning process by the system.

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