Best UV Light Water Treatment – Our review

Municipalities are working hard to provide safe drinking water for the people within their community. This task may sound easy on paper, but in reality there is quite a lot of challenges to distribute clean, disinfected water via a comprehensive distribution network. But sometimes, you just want to get the safest kind of water to drink for you or your family; hence, a UV system.

Best UV Light Water Treatment - Our review

Health experts suggest that disinfection is one of the best way to protect yourself against unclean water for consumption. Too many uncertainties and possible contaminants may lurk on other sources aside from municipal water supplies, further reducing the chance that the water is actually safe.

By taking it in your own hands and getting the best UV light water treatment, some risks can be eliminated, giving you peace of mind.

How Does UV Light Water Treatment Work?

UV, or ultraviolet radiation, is a band of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. A UV light’s wavelength is proven to be effective in eliminating germs thriving in water.

UV is among the many types of water purification process available for consumers. UV light cleans out only the harmful microorganisms found in drinking water, and it does not change the water in any way, preserving the original taste and clean odor. Other treatment processes such as chlorination will change the taste and odor, with possible creation of chemical byproducts such as haloacetic acid and trihalomethanes.

Ultraviolet light water treatment works because it inactivates the organisms by destroying their very DNA. Doing this prevents them from replicating and being harmful. Note that while chlorine kills bacteria, UV deactivates them with its 254nm wavelength, which is easily absorbed by the microorganism’s genetic material. In simple terms, the bacteria get neutered.

UV Light Treatment Advantages

1. No Added Chemicals. In fact, there’s no harmful chemicals of any kind, period. You won’t need to store them, handle them in treating your drinking water or add them in. You won’t pollute or harm the environment in any way.

2. No Byproducts. UV treatment does not alter water and its composition. Companies use this type of water treatment for food processing applications and bottling plants because it is safe.

3. Cost Efficient. Compare the cost of treating drinking water with chemical and UV systems, and you will see that UV comes out on top. The actual electrical costs of running a UV light water treatment is just the same as using a regular light bulb.

4. Fast-Acting. UV light is faster when it comes to treating water to be safe for drinking. It is much more effective in a broader range of microorganisms, too.

5. Low Maintenance. UV systems are unobtrusive and they don’t require too much space. They can be installed by homeowners and the maintenance is almost negligible.

Top UV Light Water Purification

1. Viqua D4 UV Water Purification System

The Viqua D4 Plus UV System effectively works against almost all known waterborne pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and E. Coli by deactivating their DNA and rendering them useless in both infecting your drinking water and reproducing.

Finding a spot for them is a breeze, as is installation and lamp replacements. The bulbs work continuously for up to 12 months before replacement, and the quartz sleeve every 3 months. Tap water becomes a premium beverage with the Viqua D4 Professional UV Disinfection System.

Main Features

Eliminates 99.9% of all known illness-causing bacteria and microorganisms such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium an E. Coli.

Flow Rate: 9 USGPM, or 34 lpm

Inlet and Outlet Port Size: 3/4 inch MNPT

120V NPT Electrical

Point of Entry Application (POE type)

2. Viqua S8Q-PA UV Home Water Disinfection System

The Viqua S8Q-PA is perfect for home residents looking to treat their water with UV for safe drinking. The powerful UV light prevents microorganisms such as Giardia, Fecal Coliform, E. Coli, Cryptosporidium and others from replicating and harming your water for human consumption without changing the water’s composition, odor and taste.

A recommended flow rate for this product is 10 gallons per minute, or 38 lpm. The system allows for UV lamp replacement without turning off the tap, with added features such as a system failure alarm and an indicator for lamp life.

Main Features

Protects homes from waterborne contaminants such as microorganisms and bateria.

Chemical-free treatment with an optimal water flow rate of up to 10 GPM, or 38 LPM.

Manufactured in the U.S.

Energy efficient and economical

3. Watts 270154 110V UV Disinfection System

The Watts UV Disinfection System is housed within a durable stainless steel chamber, with the UV lamps rated at 9,000 hours on 30mj/cm2. The product features a 3/4 inch MNPT and singe lamps per vessel to effectively neuter all known harmful microorganisms lurking in drinking water supplies.

Main Features

Visual and audible alarms on ballast

High-quality lamps and quartz sleeve

Disinfect without utilizing harmful chemicals

Efficient removal and disinfection of protozoan cysts, viruses and disease-causing bacteria

4. UV Light Water Purifier Sterilizer 12GPM Whole House with 2 Extra Bulbs

This outstanding product delivers UV light where it is needed, to neutralize harmful microorganisms from your drinking water supply. It deactivates known contaminants such as E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptospiridium, viruses, algae and fungi out of your glass of drinking water.

The unit comes in a sturdy stainless steel housing and includes three extra UV lamps. The lamp life is estimated to last 9,000 hours. It also includes mounting clamps, a glass tubing and 2 free replacement lamps.

Main Features

All-in-one product complete with mounting accessories and extra UV lamps

Kills harmful microbes, algae, fungi and microorganisms such as E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptospiridium

Stainless steel unit flows at an optimal rate of 12 USGPM

Powerful 55W UV filtration unit


UV light treatment is a welcome addition to any home, commercial unit, and even shines when used in industrial application. It can be used in a variety of establishments, from hotels, restaurants, factories, cottages, to hospitals, wineries, farms, and so on.

UV disinfection has been gaining much ground because it is one of the most effective, economical and environmentally friendly water treatment systems in the world.

Once you buy one of the best UV light treatment systems, just leave them on and they will do the work for you. Invest in a UV system as soon as you can for optimal drinking water safety and peace of mind for the whole fa

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