Best Shower Head Water Softener – Our Review

Considering the fact that the skin and hair absorbs all kinds of substances present in water, it’s very important to pay close attention to the type of water your shower head releases. Usually, there’s 60% of chlorine present in water, this is probably the reason why your skin seems to be a little dry and leaving the hair dull.

Best Shower Head Water Softener - our reviewAlso, shower water contains a lot of substance, such as VOCs, and heavy metals. These harmful things should all be removed, but filtering water at the shower head becomes challenging since shower water is usually under very high pressure and heat– this makes filtration impossible. Although regular filters are perfect for removing chlorine, it can’t handle the heat and volume of water.

With a shower filter, there’s also a number of benefits that you can enjoy. You’re probably aware that high levels of chlorine are bad. It will irritate the skin and eyes, that’s why for those who suffer from eczema, removing chlorine in water is usually advised.

Furthermore, shower head filters won’t only make your skin and hair softer, it would also give you the assurance that you will never smell like a swimming pool again after taking a shower. Although you’re probably used to that chlorine smell, you’ll notice the difference once you have tested some of these shower head filters.

That said, allow us to help you choose some of the best shower head water softener available in the market today. This review would enlighten you and give you a general idea of what you can expect from each one of them.

Best Shower Filter for Hard Water

1. Culligan WSH-C125

Culligan is labeled as one of the highly preferred shower head filters there is. It’s specifically made to remove scale, chlorine and sulfur odor from water. That means, it will leave your skin and hair cleaner and softer after every wash. The filter can hold around 10,000 gallons of water usage which could last for 6 months. As for the installation, it’s similar to other Culligan models and all you need is a Teflon tape.

Also, its pan-tented water head shower filter is capable of reducing as much as 99% of chlorinated water, as well as sulfur odor. Then, the anti-clog rubber spray nozzles, as well as the massive 10,000 gallon filter– just like what has been mentioned earlier, makes it different from other products in the same price range.

Best Shower Filter for Hair

Vitamin C Shower Head Chlorine Shower Filter By SONAKI

Shower heads that have a vitamin C filter are known to be very effective in removing chloromarines and chlorine from water.

The chloromarine present in water is commonly used for the purpose of disinfection, but high concentrations of it can also be bad. With Vitamin C shower heads are effective in removing choloromarine from water, and this has been backed up by countless of research.

Final Words

The use of hard water when showering isn’t really advisable at all. Not only it leaves the skin dry, it’s also the reason why you’re probably having a bad hair day quite often.

On the other the use of water with lesser chlorine, together with other water contaminants usually present in tap water would make the hair and skin noticeably healthier than how it was before. This article covered the best models of water softener shower heads available out there. We are hoping that the details we have given will be of great use to you. For us, these are the best shower filters in 2016.

Lastly, to avoid the possible harmful effects of hard water on your skin, we highly recommend that you give these units a try.

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