Best Portable Water Filter

Whether you are planning to go on a hike or camping or just planning to explore the wilderness you need to be prepared. Yes, nature is beautiful but it is also quite deadly. Thus, map, compass, first aid box, some form of device to contact local authorities/family and clean drinking water is very important.

Best Portable Water FilterWhile other things can be carried in your backpack, ample supply of clean drinking water is an issue when you are outdoors. But, you cannot do without water even if your trip is going to last for only few hours.

If you suffer from dehydration in one of your exploring expedition, then you can suffer from many different illness and even death in some cases. On the other hand, if you end up drinking impure water then again you have to suffer from different illness including dehydration, diarrhea and also death.

Hence you need to ensure you got with you something small yet effective that can provide you a supply of clean water whenever you need it. Thus, comes the need for the best portable water filter that can help you to survive and enjoy the true beauty of nature without any worries.

To make the task of choosing the right portable water filter for your trip is a smooth process, here the top 4 portable water filters have been reviewed. So, to know about these 4 water filters, do give this article a read:

Personal Water Filter by LifeStraw

Weighing only 2 ounces, this easy to use device is 8x3x4 inches in dimension. So, this water filter (personal and portable) is so small that it will fit in your hand which makes it perfect for any type of outdoor adventure especially mountain biking and such other activities.

The filter (0.1 filter micron size) which is an absolute hollow fiber membrane inline one is truly impressive. In fact, this high performance filter can filter around 100000 gallons of water (contaminated). It is said that this EPA approved water filter can remove 99.9% waterborne bacteria (including cholera, E.coli etc.) and also 99.9% waterborne protozoa like giardia and such others.

This water filter comes with a re-useable squeeze pouch that can hold 16 ounces of water, a cleaning plunger and also a drinking straw that is 7 inches long. These additional things made this water filter a user-friendly device. Besides, with these accessories you can drink water from the drinking pouch, hydration packs and traditional water bottles (disposable). You can even use the straw to intake filtered water directly from the water source.

Other than the fact that you have to buy the hydration packet separately, there is not much drawbacks of this device. Hence it is not a surprise that it happens to be a top seller.

1500L Water Personal Filter Purifier Chemical Free: Filter to 0.01 Microns by Etekcity

This one from Etekcity happens to be one of the best and also one of the simplest to use water filter that is available in the market today. It is 2.1 ounces in weight and is 1.9×5.1×7 inches in dimension. So, it is very useful whenever you will be in need of clean drinking water during hiking, traveling and other such outdoor activities.

Thanks to its double filtration system (0.1 filter micron size) it can remove 99.9% of legionella, colibacillus, chlorine, insect and organic contamination, volatile organic compounds, heavy metal ions and other such contaminations. The hollow fiber UF membrane and the Antibacterial carbon filter can effectively filter around 400 gallons of contaminated water.

It comes with useful accessories like extension tube, foldable water pouch, backwash device and pre-filter. Many say that they had to clean it twice when they filtered really dirty water, but compared to the advantages this is a very minor setback.


So, you can see that each of the top 4 reviewed portable water filters come with many different advantageous features and very few flaws. But, no matter what type of trip you are going for, these 4 water filters will surely come in handy, and thus it is highly recommended that you pick the one that suits you the best to ensure you can enjoy your trip without becoming sick or dehydrated.

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