Best backpacking water filter – 2017 Review

Do you know that experts claims everyone (at least once in their lifetime) needs to backpack alone to discover who they really are and what greatness they are capable of. So, if you are planning to backpack your way around some of the most spectacular places of this world, then you are definitely in for a treat.

Best backpacking water filter 2016Yes, it is true the thought of backpacking is trilling and sounds like a lot of fun. But, here it is quite important to mention that if you are not prepared then you can get into a lot of trouble. So, make sure your backpack has everything you need during this trip of yours.

Maps, fresh set of clothes, ample money, first aid kit, an electronic device to contact for help and a supply of clean drinking water are just some of the things which you need to concern about; especially if you are planning to be one with the wilderness in your trip.

A clean supply of water is very much essential. Believe it or not; but more than getting lost, most people fall sick when backpacking mainly because it is not possible to carry an ample supply of drinking water in a backpack. Hence comes the necessity of the best backpacking water filter. Compact and effective are the major reasons why all pro-backpacker will suggest you to get one for you trip.

Reviews of the top 3 backpacking water filters

But with so many to choose from, which one will be the best for your upcoming trip? Well, to help you choose, here the top three backpacking water filters have been reviewed for your better understanding:

Personal Water Filter by Life Defender

Currently this portable water filter happens to be one of the best choices for backpacking. In fact, they are also a favorite choice for hunting, fishing, camping and hiking all because it provides the highest filtration facility in a bottle. Besides, it comes with a travel strap which can unravel into a 7.2 feet (approx) of usable Paracord which is a unique yet advantageous feature of this water filter.

The whole water filter is only 0.5 pounds in weight and is 3x3x9 inches in dimension. So, it will easily fit in a backpack or that special compartment for keeping bottle which most backpacks got.The BPA free water bottle can hold around 22 ounce of water and advanced active carbon filter can filter dirty (even muddy) water up to 1500 liters at .1 microns.

Without any bad taste and chemical, the water purifier straw of this filter claims to remove 99.9% protozoan parasites and bacteria (waterborne).Where there are many who like the fact that it is a water bottle rather than a straw, there are some who do not like this fact at all and even consider it as a com. But, having a water bottle as a water filter is great as it provides the option to store some amount of clean water till you find the next water source.

Personal Water Filter by Aqua Scout

This personal water filter straw is only 2.8 ounces in weight and happens to be 1.5×1.5×8.5 inches in dimension. So, you can see that it is lightweight and compact, meaning it is perfect for carrying in a pocket or backpack. The manufacture along with the straw has also provided travel strap lanyard, extension tube, sealed bag for storing and a backwash syringe for flushing easily.

With this water filter you can filter about 1500 liters of contaminated water which is quite impressive. The water filter claims to remove 99.9% protozoa and 99.9% bacteria (waterborne), meaning with this you can be safe from salmonella, E.coli, cholera and much more. The hollow fiber membrane and coconut shell active carbon can filter contaminated water at 0.1 microns. The filter water will not have any bad taste as it promise to be BPA free and chemical free.

This water filter is very easy to use and it can filter contaminated water from the source directly like lakes, streams or ponds and also from a bottle. But, the users of this water filter are more impressed about the manufacture’s promise of 30 day money back guarantee as it ensures 100% user satisfaction. But, they have complained about the flow rate which is 450ml/min. But, compared to most similar products available in the market today, this filter’s flow rate is a much better number.


With these reviews of the top three backpacking water filters you can tell that all of them have a lot to offer. And the best part is that they all come with minor flaws which are nothing in comparison to all the advantageous features. You can use the information provided here as a guidance to choose the water filter that suits your need and trip the most.

But, here it is necessary to mention that no matter which one you will choose, do know that they will surely be able to do their job effectively, which on the other hand will help you to have the best backpacking trip of your life.

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