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The Osmosisvr.com is a clever unique place on the web that offers professional and honest reviews from the domain of water filtration. Reviews, notes, tips, tricks, commentary, we have it all! It might seem like tricky business, but we’ve done our best to make the content of the site as user friendly as possible!

Water softeners, water filters, accessories, and many more items are just some of the products we cover. If you have any question you need answered, don’t hesitate to drop us a line through the contact form. Now look around, make yourself at home, dear friend!

Our Contributors:

Brian – Water Filtration Expert

Thompson - Water Filtration ExpertBrian is the head honcho of Osmosis Reviews, and a man with years of experience in the water filtration field.

After gathering knowledge for many years on a variety of jobs, he decided to share his expertise with the world through this lovely site.

Therefore, you better take a close listen when the man is talking!


Edward РWater Purification System Installer

Collins - Water purification installerSimilarly to Brian, Edward spent many years of his life in the field of water filtration, and is now proud to call himself an expert water purification system installer.
He knows everything about how these systems work, and was very kind to share his knowledge with us.

He is a key player in making this site so informative!